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כבל איכותי S-Video TO RCA באורך 1.5 מטר

כבל איכותי S-Video TO RCA באורך 1.5 מטר
יצרן: כללי
דגם: S-Video TO RCA
זמינות: במלאי
מחיר: ₪19

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כבל איכותי S-Video TO RCA באורך 1.5 מטר

Model Number:

New S-video to RCA Composite Video Cable M/M 7pin , Black

Connect devices with composite RCA video output to displays that uses an S-Video connection
Allows notebook laptops computers with only S-video output to display on most TVs
Converts S-Video outputs on DVD players, Camcorders, Satellite Dish System to TV or monitor
Ideal for high performance video sources such as DVD, digital satellite, game systems, and extended performance video recorders.
Connectors: [1] 4-pin S-video (male) to [1] Composite RCA video (male)
Length: 5 Ft / 1.50 m













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